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Home Dog Roams: Dog-Friendly Trips from the Triangle
Whether you’re looking to take an overnight trip with your pup or want a local hike where you and your canine can roam free, this tiny guide to modern travel from the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is for you. Because the beauty of a good dog, like good travel, is that it ultimately brings you home to yourself.

What We Practice Here: Strategies for Better Belonging
This one-page handout is for book groups, bible studies, writing retreats, college reunions – really wherever two or more people are gathered and want guidelines for how to trade the small talk for something more. Consider this your starting point for creating safe space with a spark.

Lessons in Belonging: Book Proposal
Yes, this is the actual book proposal that I used to pitch my memoir, Lessons in Belonging (originally called I am Not a None) to publishers – sans agent. Sample chapters are not included but you get the gist for the pieces you need to put together in order to make your proposal shine. For a more generic non-fiction book proposal template, visit Margot Starbuck’s helpful website.