The pressure to promote yourself and your work can make you feel icky, itchy, or exhausted if you, like me, want to move at the speed of soul. But it doesn’t have to be this way; writing is a way of life and so, too, is learning to listen to yourself, your reader, and your market.

For over a decade, I’ve made a living in book publishing: first as a personal research assistant, then as an in-house book publicist, and finally as a freelance writer, editor, and book coach. If you’re looking for equal parts book strategist and partner in purpose, consider me your woman.

Project Format/Fee: My rate for the following projects is $100 an hour and includes one free hour of consultation on the non-fiction book being reviewed.

  • Book Content Consult + Coaching: Got a few ideas for a book, but not sure what thread to follow? Know what thread to follow, but stuck on how best to organize your ideas? This service is for authors in the early to middle stages of writing a book and can include a mix of vocational discernment (What is the book only I can write?), developmental editing (What is the most fruitful way I can write it?), and publishing advice (What are my goals for sharing this book with others?).
  • Book Proposal Consult + Coaching: Got a book-length manuscript, but wondering how to ace the proposal? Got a book proposal, but unclear what to do from here? This service is for authors in the late stages of writing a book and can include a mix of content review (What is the best way to position this book to publishers?), platform building (What can I do now to grow my audience?) and publishing strategy (Who are the agents and/or publishers worth targeting?).
  • Book Publicity Consult + Coaching: Got a book coming out, and want to find its audience? Got a book already out, and want to extend its shelf life? This service is for authors in the early stages of publishing a book and can include deliverables such as a step-by-step publicity plan, as well as language to build a launch team, write a press kit, create a discussion guide, promote on social media, pitch original articles, and develop an events menu.

If you think we’d be a good fit for each other, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail at heyerinlane (at) I would love to hear what’s stirring in you and your creative life.