On Beginnings (and Feeling our Way into the New Year)

“I don’t do goals,” I say when it’s my turn to introduce myself. A thin blanket beneath me, my legs folded, I am sitting in a circle of women at my local yoga studio. We are at a workshop “setting intentions for the New Year” with “a feminine approach to goal setting.” I am skeptical. I am more of a “let the destination find you” kind of person. I am better at beginnings.

This could be why I opened a book on beginnings a few weeks earlier with such feverish hope. Beginnings: The First Seven Days of the Rest of Your Life, by Steve Wiens, is an ode to human goodness and our perpetual potential for fresh starts.

You can find me – and the rest of this book review – at the Christian Century blog: http://www.christiancentury.org/blogs/archive/2016-01/getting-started

You can also find an interview I did with Steve on the gender-fullness of God, an idea we both geek out on, at his This Good Word Podcast.

2 responses to “On Beginnings (and Feeling our Way into the New Year)

  1. Congrats for the piece up at Christian Century! I love that place and those people, how they think and how they feel.

  2. So happy to hear you and your husband are foster parents! Truly it is my hope that this becomes your greatest fountain of inspiration to love and purpose to live. Even with it’s uncertainties, joys, challenges and pain. Can’t wait to hear about it. We are here to support you with words of encouragement and prayer.

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