Be Sweet to Me

“Be sweet to me,” you said.
What did you mean?
Had it been so long since I made you feel seen?

But your plea was so real,
eyes lowered and coy,
that I couldn’t but meet your gaze unannoyed.

I let down my face
jaw slackened, lips loose
Releasing the furrow for attention to you

“What shall we do?” I said.
You just waited and preened.
So I took you along wherever I planned to be.

First, to the office.
I typed while you read.
“Am I boring?” I asked, but you shook your head.

To the pool, we went next
Shot full of sunscreen
I flapped on with Katie, while you bathed like a queen.

When the weekend was through
And I was near spent
You said, “One more thing?” and I knew what you meant.

We got in the car
Dials glowing and mute
And drove to your house, in stillness to suit.

Shoulders touching we sat
Mouthed words and a meal
I would not have gone if this weren’t the deal.

“Be sweet to me,” God said.
So I wrote this poor poem.
So even our God sees s/he’s not alone.

photo (45)

But why should I not let my face become
lit before this
when someone I cherish
is near?

– St. Catherine of Siena

4 responses to “Be Sweet to Me

  1. Lauri Warren Tignor

    That was beautiful, Erin. I needed to read that today.

  2. Cara Strickland

    Oh yes. I love this, dear Erin.
    Thank you.

  3. beautiful.

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