Faithful Rebel: Author Amy Wright Glenn on Why I Should Consider Becoming a Doula

71DbIKtWTVLFor someone who’s chosen to remain childless, I sure do like new moms. I like talking to moms about what it felt like when their baby’s warm head came inching out between their legs. I like learning from moms about how the act of breastfeeding makes them feel like Jesus offering his body as food. I like sitting quietly with moms who’ve lost their babies and saying, “That sucks” and “Thank you for telling me.” At church last night, I was even given a pink-edged rose for, “You know, all the ways you’re a mom, too.”

In this second installment of “Lessons from a Faithful Rebel,” I interview Amy Wright Glenn about her new book Birth, Breath, & Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula. Amy is a former Mormon who writes with simplicity and honesty about her mystical “conversion” of faith, her decision to become a doula before birthing a child of her own (She says, “Most women today have never seen a live birth until their own!”), and how each of us can help women come into their full strength. While she no longer considers herself Christian, she says, “I stand with the mystics who affirm that the mystery, silence, source, wonder, spirit, God — at the heart of life is one.”

Find twenty minutes today to watch our conversation and stretch your mind. To find more of Amy’s work, head on over to

Feeling inspired? Join us in the comments section by answering this question: What’s one thing you do (or can do) to come alongside recent moms?

One response to “Faithful Rebel: Author Amy Wright Glenn on Why I Should Consider Becoming a Doula

  1. does every woman counts need me to physically provide better maternity care to the underprivileged women anywhere?

    On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 3:10 PM, holy hellions

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