Faithful Rebel: Writer Micha Boyett on Becoming a Mom, Trying to be a Superstar, and Being Found Worthy

bookLG-found2Yes, I start this interview with the phrase, “Welcome so much.” (I dare you to start a hashtag.) First attempts can be awkward but I can’t think of a better person to launch my new web series, “Lessons from a Faithful Rebel” than writer and friend Micha Boyett who e-mailed me two hours before our chat and said, “I’m going to try to fix my hair beforehand,
so we’ll see how that works out.”

Micha’s haunting, lyrical, and lucid new book officially comes out this week. It’s called Found: A Story of Questions, Grace, and Everyday Prayer (Worthy, April 2014). It’s a story about losing prayer her first year as a new mom in a new city and wondering what being a “good Christian mom” had to do with her hopes for ministry stardom. Anxiety, Depression, and a daily dose of “Frantic” threatened to steal her identity as God’s beloved. (Which leads me to ask in the interview, “What’s up with that? Why do women struggle so much with these internal voices?”)  But as someone without children, what most captured my attention was her earnest search for home and finding stability in something more than your address or job description.

Watch our twenty-minute chat below and scroll down to find out how you can snag a copy of Found for yourself.

Want a free copy of 
Found? I’m buying. Enter to win by answering the following question in the comments section: How are you making a home where you are these days? I’ll choose a winner on Monday, April, 7th. #you’rewelcomesomuch

13 responses to “Faithful Rebel: Writer Micha Boyett on Becoming a Mom, Trying to be a Superstar, and Being Found Worthy

  1. So excited to see your interview with Micha Boyett! I’ve been participating in her Lenten #FoundGrace instagram project and have really enjoyed it.

    As for the home question: i have lived in the liminal for four years. Always packing up my whole life in materials every six months or so to shuffle from NC to wherever school was next: Mount Holyoke, Uganda, Edinburgh… And everywhere i go i’ve always brought a slice of my postcard collection. It’s a reminder of both why i chose to live so spread for so long, snippets of beautiful far-off places dressed in their Sunday nines. But lately the NC postcards are a promise of the permanence of home that is coming.

    • Hi lizzie,

      I love the very tangible act of bringing a postcard collection with you wherever you go. You are the winner of the free copy! I’ll be in touch with you for a current address.

      Much love to everyone who shared their little pieces of home with me.


  2. (Also my favorite line in the interview: “This is real, and God is in this, and i am loved here and this whole thing is a gift.”)

  3. Christian Orton

    I’m sure my wife would love this book as a stay-at-home, home-schooling mother of 4. How are we (she) making a home where we are? Slowing down and doing more time having fun as a family.

  4. How fun to see the two of you doing a little webcast chat together!! I’m really excited to see how God is working through both of you very talented ladies! And…I’d love a free book 🙂

  5. This book sounds amazing! Thanks Erin! I am still in the process of trying to determine how to make my home where I am, but I feel like I am much closer than before and I enjoy the challenge. After having 2 children that have turned my world upside down from what I knew and could control, it took some adjustment, but I have realized that I have been blessed with gifts to help me along the way on this new path of motherhood, and the more I trust in God to help me strengthen those gifts, the more peace I feel and the more “at home” I feel. It is a bit of a balancing act, but I receive confirmation from the Spirit knowing that I am never making a poor investment when I choose to focus extra time on raising my children in His light.

  6. Emily Perreault

    This interview was super encouraging! Thank you both. I am trying to “make” a home by finding cozy nooks that inspire and weekly rituals that celebrate the important things.

  7. Great interview! And this book looks wonderful. Trying to make a home by pursuing laughter in the midst of chaos, picking snuggle time with the baby over control/perfectly clean rooms, and really resting on Sundays (making food the day before, and then no laundry or cleaning and sometimes even paper plates on Sunday!).

  8. Heather Myers

    Perfect timing for that interview. Today is the first day of my split time with work where I work from home and from the office. Work was starting to consume too much of me and when I got off work, my evening was dictated by the mood developed at work. I saw my time with my daughter suffer because I brought work home in my head and I wasn’t being the mother, the Christian, the friend, the church member, the woman I felt I was made to be. So, I began making my home by adjusting my circumstances. My daughter still goes to daycare, but 2 or 3 days a week I can work from home, listening to birds chirp and be in a much more peaceful place when I pick up my daughter creating a better evening for us both!

  9. I found this site by following a rabbit trail from Rachel Held Evans, and now I can’t wait to read the book. We’re making home by being home more, practicing some of the best hospitality traits on our kids (being present, putting down the phones), and watching the world around us. Oh! And celebrating the everyday: new birds, new skills.

  10. I hope to read her book– sounds really wonderful!
    “Making a home where I am” is tricky… the easy answer would be spending time with my family and the friends who are dear to me, but “where I am” is not just where I lay my head at night. It’s my workplace, my church community, my classes. I think the thread that links those all together is my hope for authenticity in all those places. The more real I can be, the more “home” I can make all those places.

  11. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Thanks, Erin, for sharing this and for your questions that invite us to live more intentionally. I’m trying to make a home by committing myself to this people and place – spending time deepening relationships, exploring our neighborhood, and getting involved in community activities.

  12. Susan Milillo

    How am I making a home these days?
    My family has lived in a single house, for the past 8 years. Gratefully, we evaded moving to a different state for a job recently, and were able to remain in our house. It is a home, yes. But more than that, I am making a home by loving my son, loving my husband, and loving my Jesus. I draw on Hod’s strength to patiently, joyfully, and sacrificially love them. We protect and care for one another, and that is what makes my house feel like a home.

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