Consider this teleconference good for your health

t1larg.juiceLast week, I came across this quote from Sister Joan Chittister: “Not only does what our churches, mosques, synagogues, and faith communities teach and do about women become the morality of the land — what they do not say or do on behalf of women condones what becomes the immorality of the land.” Is this not true? I’ve met more kindhearted pastors who don’t have much to say about women at all (other than we support ’em) than I have the fork-tongued, slandering kind. Sin is an easy silence.

This month, I was joined by contributor Robyn Henderson-Espinoza in a teleconference with the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ritual, and Ethics. You can find a link to the recording and notes from it by clicking here. Robyn talked about being a Queer Baptist seminarian who tattooed her body with memories of faith and doubt.  I shared how my sense of identity as a Christian without children has grown stronger as I’ve been able to say to others with increasing grace, “I am not the woman you had in mind.” Sometimes I have to say this to myself, too.

In just a few days (Wed, Feb 5, 1-2pm ET), there will be another teleconference with four more contributors talking about women’s ordination to the priesthood, the temptation of adultery, worldwide reproductive health, and the belief that broken bodies are Spirit-filled bodies. Sign up for the teleconference by clicking here.

Consider it a matter of health to register, your extra dose of Vitamin-W for our bone-drying deficiencies in women’s voices.

One response to “Consider this teleconference good for your health

  1. There is a lot to be said for knowing who you are and then allowing that strength to express itself in grace. I have also learned to say “I am not the woman you had in mind” and yet know that I am still the woman that God had in mind to serve in ministry. Thank you for your post!

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