Star-Struck in Seattle

Seattle grabs your gut, stuffs it with cupcakes, and puts you on a bike to “work it out.” It’s thrilling.

But that’s not what brought me to the Emerald City. It was my brother first. It was Parker Palmer second. And it is my work with his organization, the Center for Courage & Renewal on Bainbridge Island, that has me “pink-cheeked and plucky” as I wrote in my latest article for Duke Divinity’s Call & Response blog. You can read it here.

The rub of it is that all the cheery idealism of millennials like myself can be an asset to those institutions ready to run off the fuel of our feverish energy. This is integral to not only ailing churches but stagnant feminist organizations.

As we used to say in the publishing world, “Fail quickly.” And then move on, preferably on a fixie with mustache handlebars and lavender cupcake crumbs flying off your mouth.

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